Our Network

Our Network

Join our fast growing network to share in the ?2,400,000,000 Shared Profit as you bring your customer the best learning content.

We give attractive sales percentage and commission as you build your own team of distributors and customers, we provide you all you need to succeed.

Apply Now and answer the question 'HOW MUCH CAN YOU GRAB?'


Benefit / Compensation Plan


Our Network has one goal and one goal alone, to split the 2.4BN Share Profit. The race is fierce, fun and rewarding. Are you ready to answer the question 'HOW MUCH CAN YOU GRAB?'

This is the plan: We have set a goal and we have calculated the profit, commission and rewards as follows


i) Direct Sales

Start with free registration and a low capital investment. Just buy 10 copies of either one of our ExamMate product line at distributor's price.

We give you 30% profit on each product instantly.

Please note that you must Register as a distributor first.


ii) Build Your Team


We pay you 10% distributor referrer commission every time any of your team members purchase a product as a distributor every time.


iii) Indirect Sales(Affiliate)


As a distributor you have a unique id and a unique url. Get innovative by getting users to click on your link to our site and when they purchase our product we pay you 30% instantly everytime.

 Amazing right! but we are not done yet.


iv) Earn Point Get Rewarded


  • Earn 1000 point get a Smart Phone
  • Earn 5000 point get a tablet device
  • Earn 10000 point get a laptop
  • Earn 20000 point get a holiday trip to Dubai
  • Earn 50000 point and get a brand new car


Sign up now and login to have access to how you earn point. We are not kidding! you are wasting time sign up now!.


Top 5 Earners

S.No Member Name Total Income
1 Ha-ShemAcademy 6790250
2 sandratabansi@yahoo.com 1307900
3 mrsajayi 532000
4 okeshola 438150
5 Ngoziud 144076

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